Friday, December 11, 2009


that is about how i feel - it has been so darn cold here this last week - not liking it. I really don't think i could live in the East where its this cold and colder ALL WINTER. So i guess i won't complain. This weeks spotlight over at the Fancy Pants Blog are the cards and border papers from the new mid show 'Frosted' line - i mean - who would of thought that these colors would work so well together - they really do - i love the color combo! I made a few cards and i'm tellin ya - these work wonders and make it easy. I used a card and border on each of the cards. Super simple cards!

It was Ethan's birthday yesterday and and we are partied out. Wednsday he had a friend party at Toads and then last night family came over - i will have to share pictures later - just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday - i love that kid to pieces - he tests my patience more than the other two combined but he is also my most sentimental and helpful too - so i guess its a wash. I'm just grateful to have him in our lives, life wouldn't be the same without his personality, his disease - which teaches us everyday to be grateful for our blessings.
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas - we have 3 parties this weekend so its going to be a busy one! If anyone has any bright ideas on how we should give the kids their disney trip for Christmas - HELP ME. I'm not sure how to do it. SO far everything is pretty themed, the wrapping paper, some of the gifts, the disney games - but i need a way to tell them. I was going to put the airline tickets in thier stockings - but Jet Blue is ticketless - haha. And i don't think they would understand if i put the itinerary in there - so if you have any cute ideas of have done it before - please share!


jacque4u2c said...

I love these cards!!! I am going to have to think on this one. We went to Disney over the summer it was so much fun!!! I will get back to you. ;o)

laterg8r said...

i once saw someone give each of their kids a big piece of paper with one word each on it: we're - going- to - disneyland. then they had the kids all turn over their cards at once and they had to read it to figure it out and the kids went wild LOL :D

Sonya said...

We surprised our kids with a Disney trip one year by doing a treasure hunt. The last present they opened led them to a clue, which led them to the next clue, etc... And the final present they had to open conatined the plane tickets, pamphlets, etc. It was a great way to drag out the reveal!

Queen of Paper said...

cute cards :)

I totally have some FUN ideas!!!

1) Hide letters around the house that spell out Disneyland and have them find the letters... with clues. Then help them spell it out

2) Get a BIG... BIG BOX and fill it with balloons. On one of the balloons have Mickey's face on it. Tell the kids there is a clue in the box. Or hid the clue in a balloon and they have to pop them to find it.

Let me know how you do it. What a fun gift!