Monday, July 13, 2009

Scrapbook HEAVEN!! And a birthday......

so the Scrapbook Heaven thing - i really really really wish i could share pictures with you - but i can't (yet)! So Friday night i met Jodi in town to pick up the New Releases from Fancy Pants (hot off the press - I did some serious paper sniffing - am i the only one who loves the smell of paper??) - People there are 5 new releases!! And they are all TO DIE FOR - sometimes with new releases i struggle with some of them - not always my style - but i'm telling you I LOVE EVERYONE OF THEM. So this weekend i did 3 layouts - totally neglected my kids and just played. I dont' mean to torment you or anything - but........i couldn't help myself.

And today is my baby girls birthday - do you beleive she is 3 today - i can't. I havn't taken any pics yet but i will later and share them tomorrow. We are attempting to make a Princess Barbie cake - the kind that you create the dress with cake - we will see how it turns out - pretty nervous it won't - and i don't have a backup other than Walmart's bakery! So wish me luck!
Here is a just because layout i did a while ago - not sure why i never posted it - but this is cute baylee when she was one. I can't beleive she's so grown up now...........kinda sad knowing she's my last.

So i need everyone's opinion on this - to some of you it might not pertain too or you may not know how big this is in the LDS religion - but i have planned my scrapbook event for September 26th and found out yesterdy - the General Releif Society meeting is going to be the same night. Where i live in Utah - women actually GO to this event. What do i do?? Do i try and change it - or not mess with it and hope people will just watch the TV version the next night on PBS? I hope it doesn't change things too much - i havn't really advertised yet though so it would be a big deal to change if i do it NOW! Let me know what you think?

Well - off to frost the cake and get ready!


P.S. - if your in love with LiLy Bee's last 2 releases French Coutre and 3 little birds - head over to the blog.......Kristen is doing a HUGE giveaway - you get both lines and both rub-ons!!


Lori Gentile said...

You are such a tease! I can't wait to see the new fancy pants!!!

Congrats on 3!!! My little one turns 3 in October, so I know exactly how you feel.

with love by mushy said...

oooh!!! I hate you!!! LOL I want to play too :)

I have I have no idea hun, bu if the meeting is so important maybe you can change the scrapbook event? I am terrible, I should probaly ditch the meeting ;) sorry I am not much help!


ellen s. said...

i love all the cute little embellies and of course those photos are tooo cute!

Lexi said...

I have a confession: I sniff paper too! You are not alone ;)

Jen Gallacher said...

I would change it. :( And then invite me!! ;)

laura vegas said...

i sniff fresh off the press paper too ... and idea books ;)

i'm late to post on this. so i know you did amazing layouts with the new product. and i know the cake turned out great. lol! this is a super cute layout too ... love the design of it!