Tuesday, May 26, 2009

our trip! (Picture Heavy)

hey friends - i feel like i've been so out the picture for the last few weeks. No scrapping - just recovering and enjoying a little vacation with my hubs! So today i'm just going to share some pictures from our vacation - then i'll get back to the reality i guess! I'm going to have a busy week with lots of deadlines - i tried to do it all before i left but didn't happen.
So Dean and i left Sunday afternoon and i wasn't feeling well at ALL! I was so worried i was going to be a downer the whole trip. Our flight was supposed to leave at 5:30 and then we had to catch a connecting flight in LA to get to monteray. The plane to LA was delayed an hour - which meant we were going to miss our flight to Monteray from there. We had 2 options - either wait and travel in the morning or fly out at 9:30 pm and shuttle from LA to Monteray which was an hour. So we went that route and by the time we got to the condo and settled it was 11:30 - it was a nightmare. But when we woke up to waves crashing on the beach - we had forgotten the whole thing. THere was no structure at all to what we did. Every morning we got up (late) and dean worked for a while and i did absolutley nothing of any worth - i watched TV, cross stitched, read trashy magazines - it was the best!! We left the condo about noon everyday. I was feeling 10 times better by monday afternoon which was a relief. The first day we went down and walked along fishermans wharf - so cool. Definatley not the swimsuit sunshine beachy vacation i had invisioned (it never got warmer than 60 degrees) but i still loved it.
I've always wanted to get my picture taken in front of one these telephone booths so there is really no rhyme or reason for this picture!

This is the first restaraunt we ate at - we had some fabulous sushi - check out all that raw stuff deano eats - its sure is beautiful but not my thing.this is the view from the restaraunt windowjust a random picture - i thought it was so cool that she was down on the pier doing this. me on the wharf - we shopped here and and the most amazing clam chowder ever!The monteray bay aquariam - so cool - this part made me miss the kids because they would have loved it!so freaky - after seeing the movie 7 lbs - jelly fish seriously freak me out. I would step foot in the ocean because dean and i saw a little on from the pier right on the beach.this is actually a real see horse - crazy right??wow - this was so beautiful here - we were in Carmel - the cutest ritzy town ever. I want to take a girls trip here. SO MUCH SHOPPING and this was right down at the end of the street - after we shopped we went down to the beach. Deans dad actually called right then and couldn't beleive where we were standing, said he used hang out here every night when he was in the military there - this is where they would go after hours!this is the view from our balcony - not kidding - right on the beach. They even had a car for us to use - they were so generous.Dean attempting to body board on that same beach- more than i could do. They had wet suits, the board, bikes and helmets - anything you wanted to do they had at the condo. this was very cool - i hate it that the skyline is slanting - wish i would have noticed taking the picture - but it was a beautiful sight.we were in the car here so i got part of the beach - kind of distracting but still beautiful.At night - we pretty much stuffed our selves then came back to the condo and watched lots of movies. it was relaxing - something we both needed. If anyone is looking for somewhere to vacation - this is a great place - we will be going back for more.

Off to scrap a little - i'm soooooooo tired. Dean and i and some friends went to No Doubt and Paramore last night - probably the most amazing concert ever - it was so fun. Gwen puts on a great show. Paramore - haley i think is her name - she is so adorable - so small and petite. I loved this band too!

One more thing -the contest over at Lily Bee for the mini album ends on Friday - make sure you get your entries in - there is cash involved!!


careymc said...

Ummmm...did you say girls trip?! WHEN??? Can I come? :) Seriously, looks like a blast. Love the pictures (especially the phone booth). I'm so glad you two had a great time.

I miss you. :(

laura vegas said...

glad you two had a great vacation! i didn't realize you were so close to me. i thought you were going to LA ... monterey is so, so close to me :)
i havn't been to carmel in years .. but yes, it's a total ritzy shopping town. that would make a great girls trip!