Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers day.....

just wanted to share some pictures from Mothers day - last post for a while i go in tomorrow - wish me luck.
I had a great day - my sweet hubby let me sleep in til 9:00. He didn't really try to hard to keep them quiet or out of my room but for some reason i was able to block them out! Mason finally came in because he couldn't stand it any longer - they were patiently waiting to give me some gifts. So i got up - was greated with big huge hugs from the kids and then the circled around me trying to give me what they had created. Mason a bookmark and Ethan a frame and they had all made cards for me - so sweet. Dean gave me some beautiful deep purple tulips and a gift card to i-tunes - real personal i know - but i LOVE it! Simple and sweet. THe card dean gave me was the best - him to the T! SO bear with me while i share it with you.

I may forget to thank you
When you cook my favorite dish
And on occasion may come home
Much later than you'd wish
The little things you ask of me
May sometimes slip my mind
And when it comes to fixing things
I'm often hard to find...
I may be kind of grumpy
When I have to "have my say"
And I may sometimes fail
To Send nice compliments your way (he's always good at this)
But honey, though i have my faults
You must admit i shine......
When it comes to loving
that terrific wife of mine!

Too funny- i laughed with every snetence - its just so him.

Anyways here are the pictures
can you tell baylee wasn't in the best mood....don't know what her deal was!Me and my SUPER cute hubby! My cute pregnant sister, mom in the middle and me! Baylee didn't care if she was in a pretty dress - she wanted to play in the dirt! Cord and Ethan trying to get Bridger to laugh!Dean and his sweet mom. He would do anything for her.........they say your husband treats you the way he treats his mom - its true.

Now just a little scrappy treat before i check out. Seriously - Fancy Pants takes the cake - there is SO much product to work with, so many of the lines cordinate with each other. To get full instructions on how to create this project - the stamping on the letters and all - head over the the Fancy Pants blog to get more details. Thanks for being such great friends and support...........i'll see you in a few weeks unless i can steal my husbands laptop for a little bit while laying in bed doing nothing! I really am not checking in once while on vacation though - dean and i can't even stand it - no phones (except to check on kids) no computers - just play and be lazy!


(Favvis)Maria said...

really wonderful things you make!

Queen of Paper said...

you and your family is so dang adorable! and great job on the cutie hubby! lol