Thursday, April 30, 2009

ready to GO!!

not really READY - but i wish i could have left tonight! I'm feeling really like i've had a bad mom week! Not sure what it is - maybe just anxious to go play this weekend - and its amazing how much time and energy it takes to get ready for a scrapping weekend - after printing pictures and journaling and trying get organized so i can accomplish something while i'm there has kinda taken the umph right out of me! But i'm sure i'll get it back the second i walk out that door! It's only 8:30 pm here and i'm off to bed so i can get all rested up for the weekend. Hopefully everyone has a fabulous National Scrapbooking Day!!
Remember to go check out this post at Studio Calico and take part in thier NSD festivities. Each DT member has come up with a great challenge and there is a Kit involved for the winner! Can't pass that up! Here are a few that I managed to squeeze out amongst the chaos here!
This first one I used ALL Lily Bee Designs stuff except for the glitter and buttons. The challenge was Stephanie Howells to use something Old and something New - the new is the paper and the old is some buttons i took from my moms after i got married 13ish years ago.

Okay this one is from Tina Cockburn. If there were a 'style' i wish i could incorporate more into my scrapbooking - it would be hers. THE SIMPLICITY!! And the white space - i love it. This challenge was to use white space on your layout. I used ALL new GCD studios products on ths layout except for the leaves and flowers - i seriously LOVE that oragne dot paper.More GCD Studios here except for the cirlce patterned paper and ledger paper. THis picture cracks me up and i didn't even noticed till i posted it online that my dad looks like he has big bushy yellow ears! (and of course his eyes are half closed because they always are - he can't for the life of him get a good picture with his eyes open)! THis challenge was Nicole Harper's to use ledger paper which I absolutley love. so again - have a fabulous National Scrapbook day and i will be back next week!



Peggy said...

Oooh that scrapping weekend sounds like a lot of fun, I so wish I could join you!! Beautiful LO's Brenda, can't wait to see what you'll create this weekend!
xxx Peggy

Anonymous said...

Hi, just popped in to see your scrap pictures and they are great. Sadly, I don't scrap..don't have a creative head but I do knit.

ania said...

Ooo totally adore the Lily Bee papers, congrats on that!! :D And living 20min from them??? Omygosh :D :D :D

LOL @ the picture w/your dad...teehee..and he's just like my hubby - 80%of my photos (which are few as it is because he hates to be photographed) are w/eyes closed. Sigh.

Karie Coats said...

Have fun scrapping this weekend!!! I REALLY need to get back into that!