Friday, April 17, 2009

EAster Pictures!

Beware of a picture heavy post - just wanted to share some of the picture i took over the EAster Weekend. Here are the other 2 of baylee - one is an antique mask and I don't remember the name of the other - but its intended to bring the blues out. Remember - i'm not a pro at this! This is as good as gets from me - i need to take more time to figure it out because i love the look.

This is Baylee loving her cousing Bridger - they sat and played in the rocks FOREVER.

My mom helping baylee find her eggs!
The boys searching my parents back yard!

This is my Mother and Father in law - they did an egg hunt on Saturday with egg coloring and snacks. She hid 13 eggs per kid and there were 11 grandkids there. Lots of eggs to find!Baylee digging through her stash looking for the chocolate!
Daddy helping her find her eggs.
Mason getting to big for his britches - the attitude these days..........
Ethan digging through his stash looking for MONEY - since when does the easter bunny put Money in the eggs. Just some more cute ones of baylee - i got that cute Easter basket from Tai-pan.

Speaking of CUTE - i think i might say this word too much. If you heard Baylee say it - you would die laughing - i've even had a few people stop me in public places that heard her say - to tell me how 'cute' it was. Every thing is cute - yesterday she told me my shirt was SUPER cute - not just cute. Definatley a future layout.

Have a great weekend - its going to be nice here for the next week - i'm looking forward too it.

**ALso wanted to put a plug in here - for everyone that is local to put down September 26th for the annual Cystic Fibrosis Crop for a cure. I actually skipped last year but i'm ready to do it again. I still have to work out some of the details - but so far that is the plan. If you aren't local and like to help by donating product or prizes (don't have to be scrapping related) let me know - email me at .

One more shout out to my dad - today is his birthday - a big whopping 54! Happy Birthday dad! Love you!


Peggy said...

Lovely pics Brenda, and Happy Birthday DAD!
xxx Peggy

Hayley G said...

Adorable pictures! Super Cute!

careymc said...

Is this the barn by your house you were telling me about? Those pictures are AWESOME. LOVE IT.

Karie Coats said...

It was kinda nice of Bridger to let Baylee play along this time huh? Cute pics!

Kim Strother said...

I love her sweet, yellow easter dress! My dd is 14 and wanted noting to do with an easter dress tis year. Oh well :(