Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baylee's Birthday

first of all i better just let you know i havn't heard from the winner of the RAK - i have no way of getting a hold of her - if you know her - tell her she won. If i havn't heard from her by Friday - will be announcing a new winner! So you still just might have a chance to win!
This is princess Baylee! Can't beleive she is 2!
SHe looks like she's going cross eyed from staring at this cupcake!Opening presents! She really got into - had a lot of help too!Trying to help everyone put her new bike togetherThis is her I'm cool face - i LOVE IT - she loves her new bike.

It was so fun and sad at the same time - where she's my last i just hate to see her grow up. But i'm telling ya - the girl thing is so much fun! I loved shopping for her and looking at all the fun things that i used to know growing up!

So i am happy to report - I am DONE with the float layouts - last night i finally finished them up and i am so happy i can't even stand it - i don't think i've been that stressed in such a long time. My poor kids got the grunt of it too - sooooooooo time consuming. Even when i wasnt doing it - i was thinking about it. So needless to say - i have done absolutley nothing today and have loved every minute of it - the kids played in the sprinklers and on the slip and slide - didn't even get my camera out - to much work! So i will take pictures of the float tomorrow - the boys will be riding on it and i will show pictures. We are also heading to Lagoon on friday so it will probably be saturday or monday before i get them up!


Kellie said...

Brenda... is Baylee really almost 2... wow... that kind of makes me sad too, time just goes by so quickly. She is Beautiful! I cant wait to see your parade stuff, I am sure it is Fantastic! good luck!

careymc said...

She is so darn cute, Brenda - - how can you stand it? :) I can't believe she's growing up so fast...

Kimmy said...

OHHH what cute pics! Love the cupcake one. :D My niece just turned 2 last weekend.