Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Pictures

Hey friends - sorry i've been mia for so long. The summer is getting the best of me - we are so dang busy. I don't even have any layouts to share. I do have some fun news - my layout from my previous post was on the slideshow on the Scrapbook & Cards Today Blog - exciting.

We had a great weekend. We skipped the festivities here in PLain City and went up to my parents property and camped for the weekend. Loved every minute of it and the kids had so much fun. I will post again soon but i will just leave you with these pictures today of our trip. I am on the committee for our Stake Float for the 24th of July parade and its soooo stressing me out! I have to make 2 scrapbook layouts that are 5 1/2 feet tall - uuummm - can't even imagine it - but we are getting down to the wire and i need to get my butt to work - so if you have any bright ideas - please fill me in!
Every one enjoying a steak dinner - my dad put a swing set/slide and sandbox up there for the kids. Baylee would swing all day if i would stand there and push her!

Speaks for itself - she's lovin the cornWhen Baylee napped - i got out my ipod and cross stitch and enjoyed the quiet!The boys doing some EXTREME bike riding down the hill!Mason went for a 3 wheeler ride with Dean and came back with this beautiful boquet of flowers for me!My dad built a pond up there and planted fish this last weekend - the boys and thier attempt at chatching them. They both reeled in a few and Dean and i also caught a few. It was all buddy could do not to jump in and catch one himself!

You have to go check out this great photography site - if you go to galleries - baylee is the first baby picture - black and white - leaning on an angle - but she does a great job. She has grown so much in her business since this picture - check out all of her stuff! You'll love it! Kellie Hales Photography


Kellie said...

Brenda, thank you so much for you sweet comments, your are awesome! you are such a creative, uplifting person, thank you for your great example.
I would love to take some more photos of your cute kids, they are getting Big.. the pic of Mason "concentrating" on fishing is soo cute.. awesome layouts BTW

laura vegas said...

looks like a great holiday weekend! and i can't wait to see the 5 1/2 foot tall scrapbook page you come up with. lol! and sometimes i think 12x12 is too big. lol!