Monday, November 26, 2007

Tree adventure....

Well we went to Idaho last friday with a crew of friends and family to cut down our Christmas Tree - its an anual tradition. We love it! My parents were gracious enough to take the baby for the day so she didn't freeze. We left at 8:00 5 trucks and trailers with 4 wheelers and rhinos - but not even an hour into the drive - deans dads truck broke down - we thought he could fix it - hurried and changed out the fuel filter and it broke down again - so they ended up turning around and going home and we cut thier tree down for them (the best one of the bunch)! The kids had a ball - eating and climbing around in the snow - riding on the 4 wheelers and hunting down that perfect tree. It was REALLY cold - the high was maybe 35 so we had a few complaints here and there but for the most part it was alot of fun and we have the perfect tree! Here are a few pictures from the trip.......

Our Cute Little family - without Baylee
Mason and Ethan Ethan decorating his own little tree with weeds Bobbie and Casey's girls - Josie and Kate Mason eating the snow Jed - My nephew (this kid didn't stop the entire day - full of energy)

Now tonight we get to decorate the tree for family night..................

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a few more layouts...........

did the one little word challenge again and Pencil Lines again - love the umph these blog challenges give me. I wish i had more time - there are million challenges over at The Shaker Box that i just can't keep up - but they sure keep the wheels turning! The Word challenges was 'Full' and with this last weekend - i was truly just Full of HOPE so i created this layout about Ethan fighting Cystic Fibrosis!

now i'm just dying to get my November kit from The Shaker Box so I can get busy with it. Much more to come.......

And since i never got around to posting a picture of the kids together on Halloween - thought i would leave you with that! We have a ninja, a ladybug and OBI WAN! Goodnight!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Taste of Salt Lake

was a huge success on Saturday night. There were so many people there supporting Cystic Fibrosis - alot of GREAT food and silent auction items. In the end they raised a little over 100,000! I was a little disappointed that they didnt play the movie with Ethan in it - only because it would of hit home to alot more people - they played the clip from ESPN on Boomer Aiseson ( i don't know how to spell his name) - his son Gunnar has CF and they played a clip about him. It was still good - but the other would have been better - i'm going to try and upload it so you can see it here. We will see - i dont know a thing about computers!
This is Dean and I
This is parents - my dads eyes are always closed I was pretty happy with half way open.

This Katie and Geramy - good friends of ours

My brother in-law Joe and his wife Stephanie (he spent way too much money) - but it was for a good cause! Bobbie and Casey - Dean's cousin and his wife.

I was so great to have such a support system - it wasn't cheap to attend this event and I just wanted to say thanks and I love you guys.

Besides raising all of that money - i had a dang cool exprerience - you'll never guess who i met!! The funniest part is that my husband is the one who recognized her - it was Lisa Bearnson and her family(if you don't know who that is (my family)- she is the founding editor of CK magazine). I almost couldn't do it - but i introduced myself to her - i had been in an article in one of their special issues for a crop that i did for CF a few years ago - they put a picture of Ethan and I and did an article about it - sooooo i introduced myself - i wanted to know why she was there!! She didn't know anyone with CF - just knew a board member - CK bought 2 tables (not cheap) and brought friends to attend. ALso during the live auction her husband donated a substantial amount of money to the foundation. I'm very impressed with her and her family - wow - she's amazing. So that topped off my night - she said to call her next time I did my crop for CF!! Well i have officially rambled way to much! Be back later - hopefully before the holliday - if not - Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 9, 2007

OLW and Method Playground Challenges

I did the challenge over at OLW again- love how the words just get my wheels turning - these pictures just were perfect for that word. And Ethan will delight in anything just because he can!

Also did this one last weekend and submitted it to the Method Playground Challenge - to 'Dress it UP' so i got out the chipboard (i have way to much) and went to town. This layout is sooooooooo simple but it seriously took me forever to make those darn flowers - just covered the chipboard with PP, buttons, ribbon and pen. This is seriously my favorite face she used to make when she was 10-12 months old.

I'm not going to put up a few of the ones i did because i submitted them - which brings up some fun news for me - I got an email yesterday from Scrapbook Trends for one of my layouts for thier Embellish It idea book. Its a good thing they have the idea books because they won't give me the time of day in their monthly mag - hahaha!

On a personal note - i'm home alone with Ethan and Baylee - Dean took Mason fishing for the weekend - and i have to say - he's dang lucky he did (take Mason i mean). He's been gone so much with the bishop thing and hunting and......... i could go on - but i won't. So Mason was pretty excited and i think they will have a great time. Baylee on the other hand has a double ear infection and is hurting pretty bad - she won't let me put her down - its so sad - hopefully the antiobiotic kicks in and she starts feeling better.

Next weekend we have the 'Taste of Salt Lake' - a fundraising event for Cystic Fibrosis. We bought a table for 10 and have some friends coming with us - i'm pretty excited. They have wonderful restaruants and silent auction items. This year my friend Carey who also has a son with Cystic Fibrosis, helped put the movie together for the event. I sent her pictures of Ethan and she said that he is all over in it. I can't wait see it and to spend a nice evening out dressed up (which i never d0) raising money for such a good cause.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Scrapping getaway

So i had my weekend getaway last weekend. Katie, Bobbie and I usually go to park city twice a year to crop with a HUGE group of women - tables are crammed, lighting is bad and its LOUD. We've done it for 3 years now and this year we decided to do something different - we rented a condo up in the mountains at Wolf Creek - it was sooooooooooooooo nice - it had recently been remodled. There were 2 king beds and a big flat screen TV in the living room. We just set up our lifetime tables in the living room and went to town. We were each in charge of a meal - we left friday at 2:00 and stayed till Saturday night around 10. We watched lots of chick flicks and ate lots of junk food and made a mess. It seriously was one of the best little trips i've been on. We laughed so hard and just had a ball. From left to right is Bobbie (who seriously can't keep her eyes open for a picture if her life depended on it - thats why she has a cheesy grin and isn't in any of the other pictures) - Me (no make up and all) Stephanie (my sister-in-law) and Kate (long time friend). This is where Katie and i Slept - we had a whole other living room down here. A big vanity area and a bathroom.
Me and Katie
Katie and Stephanie
I think we might even add an extra trip and make it 3 times a year - we had so much fun. I finished 5 layouts and will post them as soon as i get pictures of them.

Kids are still sick and i just i'm struggling with it. Baylee is so clingy right now - its hard - she literally wants to be held all day long and its driving me crazy. Hope she feels better soon. Dh and i actually went to dinner last night with the intentions of doing some christmas shopping afterwards and the babysitter called and said Mason barfed all over the place so we had to come home. He actually was just coughing so hard that he threw up - so luckily he doesn't have the flu. So i ended up ordering the kitchen that i wanted for Baylee online today - i dont have the patience to wait till the next time i don't have kids to go get it! This whole christmas thing gets to me - I JUST LOVE IT. Going to start on my Christmas cards soon! I even listened to christmas music in the car today - it was just baylee and i and i don't think she'll tell anyone. Love it.