Monday, November 19, 2007

Taste of Salt Lake

was a huge success on Saturday night. There were so many people there supporting Cystic Fibrosis - alot of GREAT food and silent auction items. In the end they raised a little over 100,000! I was a little disappointed that they didnt play the movie with Ethan in it - only because it would of hit home to alot more people - they played the clip from ESPN on Boomer Aiseson ( i don't know how to spell his name) - his son Gunnar has CF and they played a clip about him. It was still good - but the other would have been better - i'm going to try and upload it so you can see it here. We will see - i dont know a thing about computers!
This is Dean and I
This is parents - my dads eyes are always closed I was pretty happy with half way open.

This Katie and Geramy - good friends of ours

My brother in-law Joe and his wife Stephanie (he spent way too much money) - but it was for a good cause! Bobbie and Casey - Dean's cousin and his wife.

I was so great to have such a support system - it wasn't cheap to attend this event and I just wanted to say thanks and I love you guys.

Besides raising all of that money - i had a dang cool exprerience - you'll never guess who i met!! The funniest part is that my husband is the one who recognized her - it was Lisa Bearnson and her family(if you don't know who that is (my family)- she is the founding editor of CK magazine). I almost couldn't do it - but i introduced myself to her - i had been in an article in one of their special issues for a crop that i did for CF a few years ago - they put a picture of Ethan and I and did an article about it - sooooo i introduced myself - i wanted to know why she was there!! She didn't know anyone with CF - just knew a board member - CK bought 2 tables (not cheap) and brought friends to attend. ALso during the live auction her husband donated a substantial amount of money to the foundation. I'm very impressed with her and her family - wow - she's amazing. So that topped off my night - she said to call her next time I did my crop for CF!! Well i have officially rambled way to much! Be back later - hopefully before the holliday - if not - Happy Thanksgiving!


carol said...

That's cool! Glad everyone had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Brenda I think that is awesome! Glad to hear you raised sooo much money for such a worthwhile cause!

Great pics of you and your family too!


Carrie said...

That is so much cooler than cool!! WOW!

amwz photography said...

that is super!! what a great night!

Linda said...

That is cool! Sounds like a really fun night!

Til said...

WOW! How fun! Sounds like it was a good time! And congrats on the raising of $$....such a worthwhile cause!

kraftyscraps said...

What a great night! Awesome grand total for the auction.

careymc said...

I wish I could have been there. :( Glad you got to see the video, though. Thanks again so much for the cookies!

Jane said...

Wonderful pictures I'm glad you got to meet Lisa! Hugs!