Friday, November 9, 2007

OLW and Method Playground Challenges

I did the challenge over at OLW again- love how the words just get my wheels turning - these pictures just were perfect for that word. And Ethan will delight in anything just because he can!

Also did this one last weekend and submitted it to the Method Playground Challenge - to 'Dress it UP' so i got out the chipboard (i have way to much) and went to town. This layout is sooooooooo simple but it seriously took me forever to make those darn flowers - just covered the chipboard with PP, buttons, ribbon and pen. This is seriously my favorite face she used to make when she was 10-12 months old.

I'm not going to put up a few of the ones i did because i submitted them - which brings up some fun news for me - I got an email yesterday from Scrapbook Trends for one of my layouts for thier Embellish It idea book. Its a good thing they have the idea books because they won't give me the time of day in their monthly mag - hahaha!

On a personal note - i'm home alone with Ethan and Baylee - Dean took Mason fishing for the weekend - and i have to say - he's dang lucky he did (take Mason i mean). He's been gone so much with the bishop thing and hunting and......... i could go on - but i won't. So Mason was pretty excited and i think they will have a great time. Baylee on the other hand has a double ear infection and is hurting pretty bad - she won't let me put her down - its so sad - hopefully the antiobiotic kicks in and she starts feeling better.

Next weekend we have the 'Taste of Salt Lake' - a fundraising event for Cystic Fibrosis. We bought a table for 10 and have some friends coming with us - i'm pretty excited. They have wonderful restaruants and silent auction items. This year my friend Carey who also has a son with Cystic Fibrosis, helped put the movie together for the event. I sent her pictures of Ethan and she said that he is all over in it. I can't wait see it and to spend a nice evening out dressed up (which i never d0) raising money for such a good cause.


Jane said...

Your layouts are amazing!

careymc said...

Great layouts as usual, Brenda. I love the top one!

I'm really bummed - I'm worried that Taste won't be showing my video. I sent it & last I talked to them, they are thinking of showing the Gunner Esiason one instead. Protest! Call them & share you opinion!!! CF patients from around the valley need to be shown IMO. :)

jlajla said...

Loving BOTH layouts. Great job with the chipboard and the challenge. Please come back and play again with us at Method Playground. Oh... and congrats on the ST pub!

a.l. clark said...

That is just a sweet little face! What a cutie pie!

careymc said...

Good news! I think they are showing the movie - whew!!!

careymc said...

Come find me Monday!!! Can't wait to see you.