Tuesday, August 28, 2007

time to play.......

Dean is leaving tomorrow to go hunting til Saturday night - that means late night scrapbooking for me. No feeling guilty because i need/or want to spend time with him! Kids in bed at 7:30 and then time for ME ME ME. Can't wait. Here is the family album for Dean for his birthday last week- it was so fun to make. I gave it to him at midnight - and he cried - probably because he was so tired - but he cried. It was sweet - makes all that hard work worth while.

Mason being back to school has been so hard for me. All day is soooooooo long for him to be gone. He comes home ornery - because he's tired and i have to entertain Ethan all day - which is a very difficult task. He starts pre-school next week which well be a big help. We had back to school night tonight and he thought he was pretty neat leaving the house - just him and I. I think having him go to school closer will be a good change - still love miss kim - but this will be so much easier for all of us.

I'll just leave with a little something Mason said this morning to Dean - "Dad - i just wish Baylee could stay a baby and me and Ethan could just stay kids and you and mommy can just stay the same forever". Nighty night.


AnneMarie said...

i would have cried if I got this too!!! how wonderful!

carol said...

haha! That is so cute what Mason said! And the book is so cool! that must take forever! Wish I had the patience. My hubby is going to WA so I'm getting ready for some late night ME time too! :) Only my kids don't go to bed as early as yours... :(