Saturday, August 4, 2007


Good news here - many of you know that i design for . Well Michele - is going to be starting a KIT CLUB! I can't wait - the first kit is going to be in September and i've had a few sneaky peaky's and this woman has good taste. This kit seriously ROCKS. So be watching for the store and blog to go up soon so you can check it out.

I haven't been feeling to well the last week - won't bore you with details - but i've sure been a bear. My poor kids and hubby. Having some tests next week to find out whats going on. But havn't scrapped this week and am going crazy.

As for the CROP - i am in scrapbooking heaven - my office is full new scrapbooking goodies. I ordered about $600 worth of goodies from - i sell for them - and i am hoping to be able to sell most of it at the crop and give my 20% consultant discount to CF. So i am surrounded by goodies. Still working on donations and getting the word out - so let everyone you know about it. I'm getting excited!

Also went to my photography class this morning and wish i had more time to just drive around and take pictures. I'm loving the camera though and taking more pictures than ever. Off to go make dinner and hang out with the kids!


c hurd said...

wow, sounds like fun! You'll have to let me know more about the photography class...

careymc said...

How fun!!! I wish I could come to this are the scrapping queen, aren't you??? I miss you - call me!

AnneMarie said...

I want to know more about your photography class!!