Friday, August 17, 2007

Date night!

Just waiting patiently for dean to get home from work so we can go out tonight. We've been doing it every friday night for the last month and its been great for us. I just wanted to get on and post a few pictures. Here is the salsa

And here is sweet Baylee in her sunglasses! She thought she was so cool - doing a little dance !

Still waiting patiently for MMM calls to go out! I'm surprised that they havne't yet - not that i'm expecting one - just can't wait to see the list - or at least KNOW they've gone out so i don't have to check the website every hour! I'm working on a mini album for Dean's birthday - i'm pretty happy with it so far - but i'm behind - his birthday is next wednsday and i've still got at least 4 more LO to do for it. I'll post it here when i'm done! Probably wont be back till next week!


careymc said...

LOVE the pics! Send some of those jars this way please. :)

So sorry I haven't called you yet - I'm a loser....BUT, we have been out of town & just got back. I'll call you soon, my friend.

Miss & love you. C

carol said...

Happy bday to Dean! I thought I posted on this last week. This is the second comment on a blog that has disappeared, so either I'm losing my mind or something's up with my computer! Probably I'm losing my mind. Congrats on the salsa, you are such a Domestic Goddess...