Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Witch Festival

I can't believe it has been over 2 weeks since i last posted, the time flies these days.  I have been super busy with the usual, school, kids and trying to stay on top of house work (definitely the bottom of the list :) ).  I did manage to break away this last weekend for a few fun things.  Friday, my sister and her kids, my mom and my crew headed to South Salt Lake to Gardner's Village for the Witch Festival.  Probably wasn't the smartest of choices since it was UEA and everyone's kids were out of school and there were literally thousands of people there.  Not big on huge crowds.  We did manage to have some fun though the day started off on the wrong foot, my sister's little boy Bridger who is 3 and suffers from autism went missing.  We stopped at one point to look at the witch that was in the creek and he must have kept walking, it was only a matter of seconds.  So needless to say for the next half hour we were all panicked and running around trying to find him.  Luckily a really nice lady had found him and kept him safe till we could find them, and good thing for us, there were alot of helpful mom's willing to stop what they were doing to help us.  When they were united it was a tear jerker, Bridge didn't want to let go of his for the rest of time we just browsed a few shops and called it good.  I did get a darling witch costume for Baylee and a few Witch accessories for my witch costume!

for some reason my sis isn't in any of the pics.  That is my cute mom holding Karie's little guy Hudson.

I will share pics of my grandparents 75th birthday party next time.  I want to leave you with a cute project i did for the Fancy Pants blog today!  You can check it out there for detailed instructions on how to make it.  

Also go check out the who made the Fancy Pants Design team!!!  I am so excited to be able to stay on another term, they are such an awesome company to work for and i'm excited to get to know the new girls coming a board and grateful to have worked with the ones who are leaving.

Better get to the homework before i fall behind!  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!



Keshet said...

your mom really is too cute! Love it!

Staci said...

aww, what fun pics!! love your FP project, girl, great idea!!

Anonymous said...

love your ideas, making you one of my favorites, too.