Thursday, September 17, 2009

GCD giveaway!

If you like free stuff head on over to the GCD blog - and enter to win an AMAZING KIT! One lucky winner will receive the entire Yearning kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out! Just leave a comment and you’ll be entered into the drawing. The winner will be announced on Friday. Good Luck! All the pictures I used this time around are older ones of Baylee - i was pretty proud of myself for pulling from the stash - and it just reminded me of how darn cute she was when she was a baby. The first ones are my all time fave! That hat!! So i used paper from Sunny Days and the orange dot is from an older line but one of my fave papers. The green flower and swirls are from a pattern in one of the Sunny Days papers.This is from the Morning Glory line - i tried to mimic the circle pattern below with stamps - i don't know how well i accomplished that - but thats what i was trying to do!
Thisis a mixture of 2 lines too - the blue is Morning GLory and th e red is Sunny Days! Die cuts and ribbons are GCD also.
So Dean and Mason are off antelope hunting - it feels strange with one less kid. He's my easiest so its not any easier! I took the other 2 to Toads with my sister in law - her hubby is out of town too - so we just ate pizza and let the kids run wild for an hour - it was great because they were trapped in this place - and there was harldy anyone there - it was perfect.

I got a terrible letter in the mail yesterday too - mother's of kids who aren't bus would know how this feels - My kids are currently busers (SP?) - but the letter said - we are right on the border of legal bussed children and starting Monday they are no longer allowed to ride the bus! What? Are you kidding. That just totally sucks - so i measured the distance today and i am 1.5 miles right as you pull into the closest school parking lot - sooooooooooooo i called today - and made my case - hopefully it was a good one and we'll be back on the bus - she said she would call me back monday!! So cross your fingers for me.

Don't forget about the post below - if your still interested make sure you email for a kit by Wendy Sue Anderson or a goodie bag - i can't believe how many have gone already - so make sure to do it quick if you want one!



laterg8r said...

love your sunshine LO - the clouds and white space really give it a spring feel :D

hope you get back on the bus!

Staci said...

aww, look at baby baylee!! your layouts are all gorgeous, brenda, and good for you for digging into those older pics! I can NOT believe they would say that kids should be walkers when it's 1.5 miles away!! Wow! I hope you win your case! have a great weekend, girl!

Mary said...

Great Sundshine layout with the orange flower.