Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a day of firsts.......

So yesterday and this morning were big days for Baylee and I - my baby is growing up! Its so sad - i love to watch her grow - but knowing she's my last makes me kinda sad. Yesterday we got to meet Baylee's new pre-school teacher Mrs. Andrea. Baylee really wouldn't look at her the entire time we were there - but after this morning - her first day of pre-school - she warmed up to her well.
She also had her first dance class yesterday. It was soooooooooo darn cute - all of the little girls lined up accross the bar - just darling. Baylee did so good - she jumped right in and wanted to learn..............the getting ready part was the best.
She couldn't stop admiring herself in the mirror - and telling herself how pretty she was (thats okay for a 3 year old to do - right?)
Of course we had to get more pictures out on the porch - here she is twirling away!
More twirls!
And here is my cute girl on her first day of school this morning. The shirt is from my cute friend who started her own little boutique. Its called Bella-Boutique - she has the cutest stuff - very unique and she'll make pretty much anything!
She wasn't even sad - she just said "Bye Mom" like it was no big deal!
As for the crop - i will be lucky to still be standing the day of the crop - its taking every ounce of energy i have poor kids are bieng neglected because Dean never seems to be around when i need him to be because he's so busy with work and life needless to say i am ready for the day to just come so i can stop stressing about it! I do have to say i am happy with the turnout - the donations have been fabulous - so there is lots to give away. I ended up with 60 people - even though you can still sign up - so i may get a few stragglers - but from the first year - thats down 30 people - i'm sure the economy has something to do with it. So hopefully we still make alot of money for the foundation.
Have a great weekend - i'm sure this will be my last post till the crop is over!


careymc said...

Holy cow, how can you stand it, Brenda?? :) She is too cute! What a little doll!!! I'm excited to hear about your CF crop. Good luck, my friend.

careymc said...

OK, I just saw the segment...I'm so PROUD of you. You did such a wonderful job and you were so calm and collected. YAY GIRL!!!!!

Karie Coats said...

She is such a cutie! I'm seriously going to have to live vicarisouly through you and my sweet neice because I need some girly in my life!

Davinie said...

Wishing you tons of luck today! The planning is over. I hope you are having fun and raise a ton of money!

Queen of Paper said...

She and these photos are sooo cute! I wish I had a little girl to take to dance class :)