Wednesday, June 10, 2009

our favorite place.............

This is where we love to hang out in the summertime. Years and years ago - before i was around - my grandfather bought this land - up Weber canyon past Causey Damn - a place called Beaver Creek. Its about 10 acres - and its beautiful. We've gone up there since i was a kid. After my grandpa died when i was 13 my dad inherited the land with his sister and brother - who don't use it much. But its turned into a second home for my parents when the weather allows. We also bought (he put my name on it) the land right next to it when it came up for sell. Over the years he's planted grass and made a big fire pit. Put in a sandbox and swingset when the grandkids came along and this last year put in fish pond. What kid wouldn't love being in nature but also having fun things to do while there! So we try to as much as we can - its so peaceful and beautiful there. I love it. So we went up on Monday around 3:00 and stayed till dark. We rode motorcycles (Mason had a scary wreck - almost ended up in the creek -but luckily came out with only a few scratches), played at the playground, roasted marshmallows, caught fish and bbqed some hot dogs! So fun. Just wanted to share a few pics before i start my online mortgage class - i again - waited for the last minute to do my 14 credit hours to update my mortgage liscense so i've got 2 weeks to get it all in to renew. So thats what my evenings are going to consist of for a bit. I got the flu bug from Baylee to so not feeling to well - hopefully i can make through without falling asleep!


TheDooleys4 said...

So fun that you have a place like that to go to. It looks beautiful!

Karie Coats said...

Good Times! We need to go up more!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

that looks like such great fun!!!!
good luck with your class!