Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Dean and I got to take a day to ourselves yesterday and go fly fishing with another couple ALL DAY! It seriously was so relaxing and soooooo fun. We didn't catch many fish - but i didn't care. There were times i put the ipod in and laid on the back of the boat while the others fished. A much needed day for mommy! You can't see the boat and lake in the background because it was already dark. I hate the picture of me because i have a goofy smile and HOT PINK fingernails - dean snapped the picture as the fish squirmed right out of my hands and into the lake (all catch and release). So just wanted to pop in and share a few pictures

and all of the goodies Laura Vegas sent me from a contest I won on her blog a few weeks ago. I am in Making Memories Heaven. I think i seriously got EVERYthing in the new passport line. I don't know why this picture keeps turning sideways when i instert - but you get the idea! So fun. So thanks so much Laura - and i can't wait to see the Layout you create with the pictures i sent. Hope to get some scrappin time in this week - kinda hard with the summer fun though.


Becky said...

Love those pink nails!
And what a great box of yummies, you are going to make some gorgeous "stuff" with that, can't wait to see!

Dustin & Joni said...

That stack of goods looks like fun! Hope you had fun on your day with Dean-o!

Jane said...

I love your smile! and that box of goodies is awesome!

Nicole said...

Ok those nails and fishing is just classic;). Glad you got some hubby time.
Can't wait to see what you create with all the scrappy goodness!

Brandy Jo said...

I remember a few photos of us when we were kids, grouse creek I think, and flouresent nails on one or both of us. I'm jealous you got to go fishing with your hubby. We haven't been for forever.