Monday, July 16, 2007

Bad Blogger

I know i've been MIA for a while - we've had a crazy week. 2 Weddings, Baylee's birthday, ward party and to top it off - a sick mommy. I just got back from taking Baylee to the dr. for her one year appointment - she has an ear infection, double yeast infection (mouth too), red throat, her 2 fang teeth are coming in - before her 2 front teeth. The dr. said she was dentally retarded - ha - funny dr. joke. Plus she got 3 shots. I don't think it could have gotten any worse than that. Anyways - i can't beleive she is one! She is such a good baby - even with all of this she has been pretty good. She crawled to the top of the stairs today - 16 of them - with me behind her of course.

The ward party was a Mexican Fiesta - and the boys and I and Grandma Cole spent half of the afternoon on Saturday decorating Sombrero's for a contest. Ethan's is the Money one and Mason's is an Under the Sea one. It was so fun - Ethan didn't really get into the decorating and his one first place. Mason is pretty darn creative - and of course we couln't have done it without grandma.

I scrapbooked on Friday night up at Carol's house. My Mother-in-law and Sister in-laws had a girls night - it was fun - we watched Catch & Release and did some scrapbooking - i will post the LO i finished tomorrow. I havn't uploaded it yet.

Well i'm off to put the kids to bed and do some more scrapbooking!!


Cinda said...

What cute pictures!

careymc said...

How fun! Love the pics. I'm so sorry Baylee was so sick. We have lots to catch up on! I had the best weekend!!! Check out my blog - I'll post more about it soon.

alli_scraps said...

Baylee is just that smile!!!!! One of mine was "dentally retarded" so don't feel bad....didn't get the top two front teeth until he was about 20 months old (but had the ones on each side!)...then didn't lose his first tooth until he was 8! ;0)

carol said...

I love those hats! What great colors in those photos! scrapping was fun, we'll have to do it again! ;)