Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Back!!

Not sure for how long, or if i can keep it up - but i've been feeling really guilty lately about not keeping this updated - for my sake - so i can keep documenting my families life.  Especially now that I'm not scrapbooking anymore (sad ) - this is the only way its going to happen.  So first I will start with Baylee's birthday - she turned 5 last week on the 13th and I can't believe it!  She's grown up so fast, she acts more like 15 than 5, but I will keep her anyways.  She is such a good girl even though we but heads quite a bit - she is so much like me - with a little extra attitude!  We had a part for her and her little friends - 7 of her friends were from our old neighborhood in Plain city and 2 from here.  I had so much fun decorating - I took a homework hiatus and made decorations and baked for 2 days.  Not sure I will ever do it again - but it was fun getting out my scrapbook supplies that have been collecting dust and play a bit. 

 My grandma made this cute hat for Baylee - I love it.  The doggie purse is from my mom - and don't you just love the pose!

Well - hopefully this will be the first of many - I need to update with our summer photos.  I am in school this summer - have finished one class and have 2 more that go till August 12th! 


Jordan & Kara said...

She is such a doll!! Love the picture with her had and dog purse, that is so cute!!! And you did an amazing job on the dessert table!!! Love the pink drinks:) Hope you guys are doing well!!

Stephanie said...

Brenda!!!! Seriously, I love it all! That beautiful little girl of yours and the decorations are SO FUN!! Keep this will want to remember what went on while you were in school years down the line. I know that is easier said than done though :)

carey said...

She seriously looks SO grown up. I cannot believe it. DARLING!

Anonymous said...