Wednesday, March 25, 2009


and its green too - i must have a thing for green these days. I do have to say it's my new fav color right now - granite i did go overboard on the green food -but its such a great color. So for my Method Playground layout this time around the challenge was to do a Monochromatic layout. I struggled with this one for some reason but was happy with the final out come - i seriously love the mist sprays and this green one is to die for. I only used a tiny but of patterned paper to border the picture! Just a layout about some of Baylee's favorites when she turned 2! Go check out what the other girls did and join in on the challenge!!

I havn't been scrapping much because i havn't felt all that well - kinda blah - I did get to go play with Becky and Kim over the weekend. But other than that - nada - i didn't even get much done over there other than some fussy cutting and my pathetic attempt at stamping. But Monday rolled around and i was in LOTS of pain - i had just figured that my adhesions had come back to haunt me and take over my right side. So i went into the doctor and told him what i thought was going on - i was seriously nautious the pain was so bad and figured i would get another lapriscopic surgery and maybe even remove the right ovary - but he said let's check your ovary in case its something else - he almost laughed when he saw it - i had a 4x4 inch cyst on my ovary - NO WONDER i hurt so bad. He even printed me a picture and said it was fridge worthy and that it deserved a name. WoW - so in the big picture - it is a good thing - no surgeries for now - just some birth control to put that ovary to sleep for a few months and some pain meds to help till it goes away - it had actually ruptured so was leaking fluid into my pelvic cavity (TMI - sorry) - which is not the most comfortable feeling in the world. Needless to say it seems like all my deadlines fall when i have alot going on or not feeling well - so that's what i'm doing this week - trying to make it through the day and get through some of my deadlines. Thanks for letting me whine - ya know i'm coming up on the big 33 next week and good things are bound to happen- right - birthdays are always fun - even if you are getting older! My kids love birthdays! No matter who's they are!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

St Patricks day pictures!

Here is a picture that Mason took of Baylee and I

My 3 cute kids eating dinnerWe made sugar cookies after dinner!Here it is - not too shabby for trying to be festive right - and that rice does look pretty scary but it tasted fine. This is my kids favorite - hamburger gravy and homeade rolls.
Now its naptime for Baylee and then my mission is to get my scrapbook room cleaned and organized so i can funtion in here! Thanks for checkin in! Have a beautiful day!
** I was pretty excited yesterday to check in over at Studio Calico and find my work featured on thier blog!! Yay - LOVE studio calico.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Design X

Just wanted to share a layout i did for the Challenge blog the The Design Experiment. I was the guest designer this week. The challenge was to take your favorite quote and use it on a layout. I was so glad to get this as my challenge because i've been meaning to do this layout for a LONG time. Right when you walk through my front door on the wall the you see accross the room i have vinyl letter that says "we may not have it all together, but together we have it all" My family to a T - seems we are so chaotic at times even though i feel like i have structure for the most part - things don't tend to run that way! This is a classic picture that shows this - at Mason's baptism - i got 1 out of like 10 pictures that turned out okay -this is one of the crazy ones. I used a few of the past kits from Studio Calico - the patterned paper from the Fortune Cookie kit - LOVE IT! So head on over to the Design X and give the challenge a try! Great girls over there that came up with some fabulous layouts!!

Happy St. Patty's day too! We had a fun one here - havn't uploaded pictures yet - but will tomorrow and will share them later. I made a 'green' dinner - and Baylee wasn't too happy about it. This is how it played out when i set her plate in front of her..

"kucky rice mommy" B

"no sweetie - its yummy - it taste the same as always" Me

"no rice not green, rice white" B

" i know, remember it's St Patricks day - thats why your wearing green and we frosted green cookies" Me

" i no eat green rice" B

Then i put the green roll in front of her and you can only guess what reaction that brought - so needless to say - she ate green beans, some of the gravy and lots of cookies and frosting for dinner. No green rice or green rolls! It did look pretty disgusting - now your going to be wondering what i did to my poor kids........swear i will upload and share pictures tomorrow!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

st. george!

So unfortunatley we are back from vacation and trying to adjust to reality!! We were actually gone a few days longer than planned because we were having so much fun we didn't want to come home - ecspecially because it was snowing at home! Its a good thing Dean was able to work from the condo - it made it nice and we didn't feel so rushed to get home.

We went down for this mountain bike race. Dean raced with his cousin Dustin - Casey was injured so didn't race but came to play with us. He did really well for his first race - didn't come in last - so that was all he cared about. The boys were so proud and LOVED watching him - even though we could really only see him start, come around the first lap and finish - it was still great. Next year i think the boys will do the kids course. This is Dean crossing the finish line~
Mason, Ethan and Josie (bobbie and casey's daughter) - having fun on the slides.
Baylee living it up in the swings enjoying the sunshine!
from left to right Kate, Ethan, Josie, Mason and Baylee
My kiddosCute family picture at Red Rock park - this was a great park.Another family pic with Dean's (mine too) niece Haley. She is so darn cute - going to Dixie college. She actually took some time out of her busy college life to come watch all 6 kids while we went to dinner with Dean's aunt and uncle that live down there while its winter up in Ogden. We went to some yummy Brazillian restaruant. This is the kids on the way home - they were so tired and ornery - baylee and Ethan fell asleep for a few hours which was nice - and Mason had his nose stuck in this book most of the ride home (5 hours) - he actually read the entire book during the trip - almost 400 pages. Not sure where he got his love of reading - definatly not Dean or I - but i'm sure glad he loves it. So that's it - we just enjoyed the weather and played outside lots - we did swim a few times too - no pressure, no emails, no phone calls (for me anway) - Dean worked quite a bit. We even took the Wii and played some Mario Kart while Baylee took her naps during the afternoon. She was sick and had a low grade fever most of the weekend but was such a trooper!
Believe it or not i havn't scrapped in a few weeks and i'm having a hard time getting in to it right now. I do have a yummy new Studio Calico Kit sitting in front of me that i might have to dig into soon but no scrappy goodness to share right now - other than I do have to say i was pretty excited to get my copy of Creating Keepsakes in the mail when i got home and see 2 of my layouts in the Seasonal Solutions section. Always fun to see your work in print.