Wednesday, March 25, 2009


and its green too - i must have a thing for green these days. I do have to say it's my new fav color right now - granite i did go overboard on the green food -but its such a great color. So for my Method Playground layout this time around the challenge was to do a Monochromatic layout. I struggled with this one for some reason but was happy with the final out come - i seriously love the mist sprays and this green one is to die for. I only used a tiny but of patterned paper to border the picture! Just a layout about some of Baylee's favorites when she turned 2! Go check out what the other girls did and join in on the challenge!!

I havn't been scrapping much because i havn't felt all that well - kinda blah - I did get to go play with Becky and Kim over the weekend. But other than that - nada - i didn't even get much done over there other than some fussy cutting and my pathetic attempt at stamping. But Monday rolled around and i was in LOTS of pain - i had just figured that my adhesions had come back to haunt me and take over my right side. So i went into the doctor and told him what i thought was going on - i was seriously nautious the pain was so bad and figured i would get another lapriscopic surgery and maybe even remove the right ovary - but he said let's check your ovary in case its something else - he almost laughed when he saw it - i had a 4x4 inch cyst on my ovary - NO WONDER i hurt so bad. He even printed me a picture and said it was fridge worthy and that it deserved a name. WoW - so in the big picture - it is a good thing - no surgeries for now - just some birth control to put that ovary to sleep for a few months and some pain meds to help till it goes away - it had actually ruptured so was leaking fluid into my pelvic cavity (TMI - sorry) - which is not the most comfortable feeling in the world. Needless to say it seems like all my deadlines fall when i have alot going on or not feeling well - so that's what i'm doing this week - trying to make it through the day and get through some of my deadlines. Thanks for letting me whine - ya know i'm coming up on the big 33 next week and good things are bound to happen- right - birthdays are always fun - even if you are getting older! My kids love birthdays! No matter who's they are!


Dustin & Joni said...

Cute Layout!!! If Baylee likes babies, then I have a fun surprise coming for her is 7 short weeks!!! Hey Thanks again for printing those Pic's you were a life saver!! P.S. if you guys need help or dinner while your not feeling great, call me!! I am so here for anything you need!!

laura vegas said...

love how your layout turned out! i have a hard time with the monocramatic look ... but i love what you did with it. i got a bottle of that mist stuff in a goodie box ... have meant to try it and see what it does. lol!
sorry to hear about your cyst. but yay for you, for making an impressive one. lol! hope you're feeling better soon!

Kim Hughes said...

yikes girlie...hope you are feeling better today. I am thinking of you :)

I *heart* your page...purely delicious!!

Andrea Amu said...

Ahh, so sorry about the ovarian cyst! I bet that hurts! Hope it all gets taken care of quickly!

I love your green page... it's my favorite color too :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

spray inks of any kind is my favorite! heeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Awesome layout!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

oh man....i SO SO SO HOPE you are feeling better!!!!! what a scare!

love that green layout!!!


Shaunte Wadley said...

Sounds like you have had a rough go! I sure hope you are feeling better!:)

Peggy said...

I have never tried a monochromatic LO, but looking at yours I just might give it a try, it's gorgeous!
xxx Peggy