Thursday, October 8, 2009

Being a good Person

My mother in law sent out Halloween invitations to our anual Halloween party and it had the cutest poem on it so i thought i would share with my friends!

Being a good person is like being a
pumpkin. God lifts you up, takes you in
and washes all the dirt off of you.
He opens you up, touches you deep inside
and scoops out all of the yucky stuff,
including the seeds of doubt, hate, greed
etc. Then He carves you a bright
smiling face and puts His light inside of
you to shine for all the world to see!
So there is my happy thought for the day. I also did this layout - kind of a tribute to buddy - i was really happy with the way it turned out. I love the wooden letters -so fun. This was one of those - i can use whatever i want on it layouts. No Design team assignments, no challenges, or submission guidlines - just whatever i wanted - it felt good. I need to scrap like that more often! If only the time would allow - right!
I'm finally feeling a little better - sound like crap because i havn't completley gotten my voice back - but better. I'm actually in a very domestic mood - wierd i know - but i'm off to bake some pumpkin muffins, make homeade chicken noodle soup and homeade breadsticks. Its only like 55 degrees here today - so i'm feeling all cozy i guess - movie on for kids. I always bake in the winter - not good for the waistline - but love the yummy smells! If the muffins turn out well i will share the recipe - never tried this one before!
Hope everyone has a fabulous day!


Karie Coats said...

Cute layout!
i'm glad you are feeling better! Wish I was at your house during all this baking!
love you

Sasha said...

That layout is killer .. I love it .. glad you are feeling better girlie .. this crud is just taking over ..

and tell the waistline to give you a break . hee hee

Stacey Michaud said...

oh, sweetie. I am sorry for your loss--the layout is beautiful. I have a golden too and can't imagine how hard it will be to someday say goodbye!

careymc said...

Hey lady, I've had fun catching up on your blog. Sorry to hear about your sweet Buddy. :( What a good dog he was. Sounds like you are having a great autumn (I miss Utah in the fall). Miss & love ya.

Queen of Paper said...

that is SUCH a CUTE little pumpkin poem! I looove it!!!!