Tuesday, February 26, 2008

sorry i've been MIA

I don't have a computer right now because the cabinets have been going in. I took the computer down on Saturday and havn't checked in since then. Let me just tell you how beautiful they are - they messed up on a few things that i'm not to happy about - but i'm not going to complain because i'm just so dang excited. The countertops come in the morning and then they have to fix a few of the drawers and replace the drawer in front of my computer with a keyboard tray (asked for this in the beginning) and then i can take pictures. Be prepared to drool - not kidding. I don't know how i got so lucky!!

So sorry i havn't been around or visiting your blogs - just don't have a puter. Shaker gals - tell Michele I tried to login today to check in but i can't remember my password - i'm just used to being automatically logged in and so i don't remember it. I can't even remember my password to get into MSN so i havn't checked my email for days either!

I'm not sure i will be checking in for a while either. I am getting surgery done next tuesday (partial hyst) its time - i've had alot of health problems and i'm hoping this makes life easier. So i will be in the hospital for a few days then staying at my parents for a few days. So i will get back to it when i'm feeling better. Thanks to all my loyal friends for checking in.......XOXOXOX

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dont get mad............

I can't get mad at her anyways for some reason - but I was on the verge of mad today - probably because i dont feel well and i'm home with all of the kiddos on Presidents day and Dean is Ice fishing. I do have to say that he redeemed himself on Valentines. He ended up calling me while I was in town at a Dr. app. and asking me to go to lunch - so he took me to Cafe Rio (my favorite) and gave me flowers (i wonder if he reads my blog) - and then that evening we went out to eat with some friends at the Pizza Factory and then we did the I FLY Indoor skydiving at the gym. I had done it before with Mason when it opened so i knew what I was getting into - it was alot of fun!

Still in the middle of cleaning out the office so not much scrapping going on here - just me and a bunch of sick kids today - Ethan is already in tears in his room for some reason - mom to the rescue - BYE!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Another layout i did up at Sherwood a few weekends ago. It was kindof hard doing such BOY layout after using pink and flowers all of time. I like how it turned out though. I used some of the paper for the November Kit for the The Shaker Box . And i used the left side of Pencil Lines Sketch #69.
Time is running out and my cabinets are going to be done next week and i havn't even started clearing the room - so thats my goal - this weekend is to clean it out. Its just so hard to get started - its such a big fat mess.

Happy Valentines day to all my friends and family - at this point - i'm not sure what we are doing. I'm probably setting myself up for dissapointment thinking he will plan something. I did all the planning last year with a scavenger hunt and fruit dipped in chocolate and a movie. Its just not in his blood and you'd think after 11 years of marriage I would get over it - but sometimes i just wish............He's a great guy - just a busy one. So i will just let the day come and go not expecting anything and if i get something GREAT - if not thats okay too. Hope you all have a great one!! XOXOXOXO

Oh yeah - forgot - there is another CROP over at the Shaker Box this weekend. Its just a small one - i won't be around much but if your looking for some challenges- head over and check it out!

Monday, February 4, 2008

the last of my Vegas Posts...

Just had to share the Hooker purse and then a few pictures - one not so good picture of me and Carey but i still love it - and then one of my sweet friend Carey who put up with me for 3 days! I havn't even talked to her since - so 'Hey Carey' - miss you already - and thanks again for talking me into the purse - LOVE IT!

Here is a layout I did for the GDT contest over at BackPorch Memories - not much for contests like this - but they use the Sketches from Pagemaps and I love love them. So i did it last month and this month again! Absolutley love these pictures of Baylee - and it seems i've been doing alot of Pink and Green these days too! The Crop up at Sherwood was great - only got 3 layouts done but had fun. The boys had so much fun with uncle Brad - they swam and stayed up late and ate ALOT of junkfood. That doesn't happen often at my house so they were thrilled! Baylee did great with Grandma - so all in all it was a great weekend. Dean should be home from Vegas later tonight. So i'm off to pop me some BUTTERY Kettle Corn - get my diet Coke out of the freezer (I've officially switched to Diet Soda - i figured going to the gym and stopping on my way home for a Cherry Coke was pointless - so I finally gave in) and watch Deal or no Deal! Goodnight!