Thursday, April 30, 2009

ready to GO!!

not really READY - but i wish i could have left tonight! I'm feeling really like i've had a bad mom week! Not sure what it is - maybe just anxious to go play this weekend - and its amazing how much time and energy it takes to get ready for a scrapping weekend - after printing pictures and journaling and trying get organized so i can accomplish something while i'm there has kinda taken the umph right out of me! But i'm sure i'll get it back the second i walk out that door! It's only 8:30 pm here and i'm off to bed so i can get all rested up for the weekend. Hopefully everyone has a fabulous National Scrapbooking Day!!
Remember to go check out this post at Studio Calico and take part in thier NSD festivities. Each DT member has come up with a great challenge and there is a Kit involved for the winner! Can't pass that up! Here are a few that I managed to squeeze out amongst the chaos here!
This first one I used ALL Lily Bee Designs stuff except for the glitter and buttons. The challenge was Stephanie Howells to use something Old and something New - the new is the paper and the old is some buttons i took from my moms after i got married 13ish years ago.

Okay this one is from Tina Cockburn. If there were a 'style' i wish i could incorporate more into my scrapbooking - it would be hers. THE SIMPLICITY!! And the white space - i love it. This challenge was to use white space on your layout. I used ALL new GCD studios products on ths layout except for the leaves and flowers - i seriously LOVE that oragne dot paper.More GCD Studios here except for the cirlce patterned paper and ledger paper. THis picture cracks me up and i didn't even noticed till i posted it online that my dad looks like he has big bushy yellow ears! (and of course his eyes are half closed because they always are - he can't for the life of him get a good picture with his eyes open)! THis challenge was Nicole Harper's to use ledger paper which I absolutley love. so again - have a fabulous National Scrapbook day and i will be back next week!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

the Utah jazz........and some Lily bee!

are not doing very well!! dean and i went to the game last night - loved seeing the lakers even though i'm not a huge fan! And the Jazz well - if you watched - you know the story - we left at the beginning of the 4th quarter because it was TORTURE!! And if you had your eyes closed you wouldn't know which team had made a basket - there were that many Lakers fans there - i've never been to a game where Utah fans didn't dominate - it was strange - it was probably a good thing we left because it was starting to get LOUD and ugly in there! We also went to Flemings Steakhouse at the gateway - can i just say WOW! I seriously love thier food - Dean and i always get the barbque salmon - sounds strange but its the most amazing salmon i've ever had! So it was great date night with my man.

So lots of fun things - i'm going to be SOOO busy this week trying to organize and get ready for my little scrappin weekend. The good thing is i'm getting lots of pictures printed and i've also started d-junking. I've started my Crop for CF stash - which is a good feeling - because i need to get going on planning that. The not so good thing is my sweet baylee wants to help and she is putting paper i can't live without out in my Crop stash while i'm not looking and it's making me job alot harder - but its so cute that she wants to be right there with me all the time. So i'll be in my 'woman cave' quite a bit this week.

Wanted to share a layout i did with Lily Bee! I'm seriously lovin the paper and diecuts. I just got the rubons and they are dying to get used up. Hopfully this week!! I've been saving these tags from the clothes i've been buying sparatically and thought it would be fun to put them all down on a layout - my mom took this silly picture of me the other day while baylee and i went over there to eat lunch!

Don't forget about the Just be me mini album contest going on ever at Lily Bee too - if you don't have the product yet - head over to A Million Little Things and get some. There is also a list of other stores on the lily bee blog that sell the product.

More fun - If you love Studio Calico as much as i do then you need to play along with the challenges going on this week! Each DT member is giving away and addon to different kits as prizes and they are each hosting thier own challenges. Check out this post and it tells you about the whole thing - i know i'm playing because i wasn't able to snatch a few of those add-ons!

K people - thanks for checking in - check back again soon - i will have some more scrappy goodness to share!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's good to be Fancy.............

Have some Fancy Pants projects to share. I'm so dang excited i finally got the journal notebooks this last week - and they are SO CUTE! I've only used one but can't wait to do more projects with them. I was asked by a lady in my ward to make her primary journal 'cute'! So i spruced it up a bit with the Daily Grind line! The ric rac is older and the chipboard bracket is from one of the chipboard set. The layout i actually thought i was doing a challenge at method playground to take inspiration from a magazine - but that's not what i was supposed to be doing! Go check out the challenge that went up yesterday to use magazine 'clippings' ON your layout!

It looks like i didn't take a picture of one of my cards - will have to add it tomorrow. I have one more project up my sleeve - we will see if i can get it done before the end of the month!

So who is celebrating National Scrapbook Day? I am and didn't even realize it! Every Sring and fall my sister in law and a few friends and I go up to wolf creek and scrapbook for the weekend - i booked it and then just realized this last week that it will be on National Scrapbook Day - great timing right?? It's also Stake Conference and i'm in a bit of trouble for missing the adult session but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do - right? Its creeping up on me and i'm not prepared - but that doesn't take any of the excitement out of it!!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous day!


Friday, April 17, 2009

EAster Pictures!

Beware of a picture heavy post - just wanted to share some of the picture i took over the EAster Weekend. Here are the other 2 of baylee - one is an antique mask and I don't remember the name of the other - but its intended to bring the blues out. Remember - i'm not a pro at this! This is as good as gets from me - i need to take more time to figure it out because i love the look.

This is Baylee loving her cousing Bridger - they sat and played in the rocks FOREVER.

My mom helping baylee find her eggs!
The boys searching my parents back yard!

This is my Mother and Father in law - they did an egg hunt on Saturday with egg coloring and snacks. She hid 13 eggs per kid and there were 11 grandkids there. Lots of eggs to find!Baylee digging through her stash looking for the chocolate!
Daddy helping her find her eggs.
Mason getting to big for his britches - the attitude these days..........
Ethan digging through his stash looking for MONEY - since when does the easter bunny put Money in the eggs. Just some more cute ones of baylee - i got that cute Easter basket from Tai-pan.

Speaking of CUTE - i think i might say this word too much. If you heard Baylee say it - you would die laughing - i've even had a few people stop me in public places that heard her say - to tell me how 'cute' it was. Every thing is cute - yesterday she told me my shirt was SUPER cute - not just cute. Definatley a future layout.

Have a great weekend - its going to be nice here for the next week - i'm looking forward too it.

**ALso wanted to put a plug in here - for everyone that is local to put down September 26th for the annual Cystic Fibrosis Crop for a cure. I actually skipped last year but i'm ready to do it again. I still have to work out some of the details - but so far that is the plan. If you aren't local and like to help by donating product or prizes (don't have to be scrapping related) let me know - email me at .

One more shout out to my dad - today is his birthday - a big whopping 54! Happy Birthday dad! Love you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lily Bee contest.........

Anyone up for a guest design team spot at Lily bee!! We are having a mini album contest over at Lily Bee with the theme Just Be you. Go check out the blog to get more details - there are cash prizes involved. Here is a card i did using lily bee - such fun colors. If your looking for some producut i know you can get it at A million little things or Two Peas.So i took a gazillion pictures over Easter - some of my favorites of baylee - i have only resized one so i will share it and then in the next few days post the others.

Believe it or not - this door and shed have been in my backyard for 6 years now - and i have never once thought to take pictures in front of it till my SIL said something to me the other day! Hello - goes to show you i don't have the best eye for photography even though i love it!! I even played with a few different actions and will post those too - it's so time consuming - i was seriously on my computer for 3 hours last night trying to get colors and tones right - not my fortay (sp?).

Went to the gym today - trying to work through the pain - i've just come to realize I do better when i'm up and doing things - if i sit too long or sleeping position is when i hurt the most - its a good thing i stand when i scrap!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day - its flippen snowing here - after we had a perfect day Monday. 65 degrees - we took the kids to the zoo and had so much fun - now its snowing again - i swear spring is never going to come - by the time it decides too - it will be summer.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lily Bee Designs..........

So there is a new company in town! Literally in my town - about 20 minutes from house! Its called Lily Bee Designs and they are fabulous! I'm happy to say that i will be a part of thier design team along with some other amazingingly talented woman. I've done a few things with the product but can't share quite yet - hopefully will be making some more to share over the next few days. But if you go check out the blog there are some fabulous layouts showcasing the product. I'm so excited to be working with Stephanie Howell and Nicole Harper - 2 super sweet girls that i totally adore (and was lucky to meet at CHA) - and then Lori Gentile and Katrina (not sure of her last name yet) - that i'm excited to get to know better!

So i'm trying to overhaul my blog - a new look - adding a few different elements - and i don't like it. I didn't think i was this computer illiterate! I can't for the life of me figure this stuff out - I purchased a cute little blog kit through Shabby Miss Jen's because i'm not digitally creative enough to do it on my own - and i can't figure it right now this is as far as i've gotten and i don't want to play anymore! Sorry if its hard to read. I can't figure out how to leave the middle white or a lighter color and just have the edges tan - and my banner - ummmm - don't like the white around the edges - not sure if its possible to remove that or not. If anyone has any bright ideas let me know! I'm going to add a slide show of my work and some family pics and thats about it - simple. I also wish i knew how to add a link to a little widget - like my studio calico one - how do you make it so you can click on it and it takes you to studio calico???

Anyways hope everyone has a fabulous EAster weekend - its suppose to rain here - kindof a bummer. At least we were able to spend some time at the park today and have a picnic. And we might be heading to the zoo on monday but its suppose to rain then too! Boo hoo!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


or the well wishes - i still havn't felt well - i havn't felt up to posting. I had another cyst rupture on Monday night - so now i'm all hormonal again. I have a pre-op appointment May 4th - hopefully i stay clear of them till then. So enough of the boo hooing and on to some fun news!

Last week i was contacted by Heidi Sonboul and had been chosen to be a part of the Design Team over at GCD studios!! I'm so excited - they've picked a great team and i can't wait to get busy - i recieved my box yesterday and by me telling you that it weighed 11lbs - would let you know how generous these guys are! Lots of yummy goodies!

Has anyone ever played Sequence before?? I had this game growing up and Dean and I used to play it when we dated - he'd come over and we'd play it forever. My parents gave it to us for Christmas and its been our new thing to do after kids go to bed. We always have to play more than once - usually the best out of 3 - but its a fun game. I usually have to beg - and we are usually watching sports center or the outdoors channel so he gets destracted easily.......... but it's a great game!
Wanted to share a beautiful photography website I ran accross today - she posted a comment on my blog and I went to check out her site - AMAZING pictures! Her name is Anne Pearson and she is from here - Utah!
Last just wanted to share a layout that was in March's issue of Memory Makers magazine. I used one of the kits from the fabulous Studio calico kit club.

I have some more great news but i'm going to wait and share than in a few days. All i know is i've got to get in gear and get some scrapping in.......i've been so unmotivated and i'm ready to play! THanks for stopping by...............hope you have fabulous day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fancy Pants goodness!

Just wanted to share my Fancy Pants projects. I can't wait to get the rest of the new goodies next week so i can play some more. I was spotlighted on the Fancy Pants blog today - and here is the layout i did for the post. I used the new stamp sets for the flowers and the leaves and then used water color pencils to color them in! I had a pretty good birthday - family came over for cake and icecream. Baylee was pretty darn excited if you can't tell. Dean did a great job on the cake - it was tasty.

I'm still feeling pretty crappy - some days are better than others - I finally had to stop the birth control - it was making me crazy - i'm serious - literally crazy. I was really emotional and tired - and just a mess. So hopefully i will be back to normal and a few days and try and find a different route to kick this thing.

Got another fun surprise in the mail today - i cannot wait to dig into - i got my box from Dream Street for my guest Design Team spot and it is even more yummy IRL. So now just for a little mojo and i'll be good to go! Anybody have some they can share with me - i know there are some of you that are overflowing with it!!