Friday, December 28, 2007

sick again........

will post when i can muster up the energy...........hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


So we had Deans family party on Monday night and Santa always comes to the party. Baylee has been loving pictures of Santa and the docorations - she even says "ho ho ho" - but when she saw him in real life it was a different story -she seriously lost it. Arms and legs kicking, hitting - whatever she could do to no be on his lap. She put on a pretty good show for everyone!

I can't beleive I am actually sharing these pictures with you - but i just had to show you why i needed a new scraproom - there aren't even any closets in my office - so pretty much everything is in piles or on the floor (no wonder i havn't scrapped in 3 weeks!). Anyways - i had to take pictures before i start cleaning it out - we have a few guys coming to give us bids tomorrow so i better get going - but i'm ready for a beautiful room that will get my creative juices flowing. Dean still thinks it will be a mess but I swear i will take better care of it and I swear the rest of my house does not look like this! LOL! So here it is..................

On the health front - all my kids are healthy now (Knock on wood) but beleive it or not, since Monday night I have had huge hives all over my body - so i went into the dr. today and he gave me a steriod - I have no idea what i am having a reaction to but it SUCKS! Better me than my kids though. I can handle this........

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

checked out.........

of the scrapping world for a bit. I don't know what the heck it is right now - if its because i'm still sick, my office is a mess or the christmas hustle and bustle has gotten me overwhelmed or because Baylee was barfing again this week and now Ethan is. But wow - talk about being frustrated. Luckily I have 2 new kits coming from The Shaker Box this week - hopefully that brings the mojo back - because January 1 i'm having my scraproom totally DONE - i'm so excited - New cabinets and countertops - the works. I can't wait - i think it will help me get my groove back but that means no scrapping or computer for a few weeks. I will share pictures of the before and after - your going to die when you see my office now - its a disaster.
Monday was Ethan's birthday - he was so cute - he kept saying "so i'm 5 RIGHT NOW". He couldn't grasp it. He had fun, a friend party, then grandmas and grandpas later. That's it for now -still trying to take care of Ethan and Baylee is sleeping so I need to take advantage of that.........and i know Ethan needs a haircut (don't make fun). Poor kid has a mop - but he was sick the night of his appt. so i had to cancel.

This is Baylee after she puked. She just laid on the couch..............poor thing.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Piggy Tales........

So i entered my fall Delight layout of Ethan in a Contest over at Piggy Tales - I don't even remember if i won anything or if my layout just goes up in there online gallery but I won. Here is thier blog entry . Pretty cool.
Just wanted to share some more christmas decor pictures and my christmas card i created with an easy easy card kit (with lots of different options) from Shabby Princess . She has so many cute kits. SOme times i wish i was digital but i could never give up my paper and glue. So here is this years card.........

Went to TiaPan this year and got the big green balls and the big red Jingle bellThis thing has 12 strands of lights and lights up my entire living room but we love it!

Going to go rest some more - still trying to kick this cold!

Monday, December 3, 2007

a bunch of sicko's

we have been so sick around here and i'm so tired of it. Baylee has Pnuemonia (Sp?), Ethan and Mason both have a cough and cold and yesterday i woke up with the FLU. So i'm so tired of it........we just can't get healthy. But needless to say we did finish decorating the house after a few fiascos - getting the lights on the tree only to find half of them don't work ( i swear i tried them before i put them on). Me electricuting myself (in my mouth). I'm not even going to tell you what i did because really i deserved it after thinking about what i did. And right now a week later the lights have shorted out again (the entire tree). But i'm over it - i'm sick and right now i just don't care!! Here are some cute pics of the kids after decorating the tree.

and a layout i did over the last week for me myself and I - no challenges, no DT requirements - just for me and it felt great! This is Mason and i at his preschool Tea Party - so fun!

I will post more pictures in the next few days of the tree and other decor around the house. Right now - i'm off to lay on the couch for a while!